Translations, Transcriptions, and Abbreviations

Translations and Transcriptions

Vassar College Libraries partnered with the experts at The Einstein Papers Project at Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, to provide translations and transcriptions for the items on this site. Vassar's materials thus follow the editorial guidelines of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (CPAE), published by Princeton University Press.

For more information about methodology in translation and transcription, as well as the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein project, visit:


On each document, users may notice a series of abbreviations that describe the physical item in archival terms. They include:

  • AD Autograph Document
  • ADft Autograph Draft
  • ADftS Autograph Draft Signed
  • ADS Autograph Document Signed
  • AK Autograph Card or Postcard
  • AKS Autograph Card or Postcard Signed
  • AKSX Autograph Card or Postcard Signed, in Photocopy
  • AL Autograph Letter
  • ALS Autograph Letter Signed
  • ALSX Autograph Letter Signed, in Photocopy
  • ATrD Autograph Transcript of a Document
  • ATrL Autograph Transcript of a Letter
  • AuD Audio Document
  • PD Printed Document
  • PL Printed Letter
  • PLS Printed Letter Signed
  • PTrL Printed Transcript of a Letter
  • TD Typed Document
  • TDC Typed Document, in File Copy
  • TDft Typed Draft
  • TDftS Typed Draft Signed
  • TDS Typed Document Signed
  • Tgm Telegram
  • TKS Typed Card or Postcard Signed
  • TL Typed Letter
  • TLC Typed Letter, in File Copy
  • TLS Typed Letter Signed
  • TLSC Typed Letter Signed, in File Copy
  • TLSX Typed Letter Signed, in Photocopy
  • TTrD Typed Transcript of a Document
  • TTrL Typed Transcript of a Letter
  • TTrLC Typed Transcript of a Letter, in File Copy
  • TTrTgm Typed Transcript of a Telegram