Terms of Use

General information

Vassar College Libraries' Albert Einstein Digital Collection makes available the materials available on this website with permission from Princeton University Press and Hebrew University for the purposes of research and study.

In general, it is the responsibility of the researcher to determine the copyright status of materials in the Einstein Digital Collection that are not written by Albert Einstein himself. Resources such as the WATCH File and the U.S. Copyright Office may be helpful in making this determination.  The Library will share information it has about copyright holders. Researchers do not need to obtain permission to use materials in the public domain.  Cornell University’s online "Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States" is a helpful resource for understanding what is in the public domain.

Researchers are responsible for contacting copyright holders to obtain permission for use.

For more information, visit the Permission to Publish Policy from the Archives & Special Collections Library at Vassar College.

Copyright information for Albert Einstein's materials

More specifically, for Albert Einstein's materials, it is important to note that these works are protected by copyright law. For more information, including terms of use, please see the Einstein Archives Online's Terms of Use page.

For materials written by Albert Einstein, a copyright statement is included in the metadata for each record:
Copyright © 2013 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Published by Princeton University Press.

This statement is found under the "Details" tab for each item written by Albert Einstein.

Citation information

As the Einstein Archives Online website notes:

In accordance with standard academic and general practices, you must include the copyright notice and reference as found at the top of each digitized manuscript image and on the title page of the published version in any copy you make, whether in electronic or other form.

Citation example

Otto Nathan to Albert Einstein, [date], Morris and Adele Bergreen Albert Einstein Collection, Vassar College Archives & Special Collections Library. [URL], accessed [date].

Vassar College Libraries provides information about accepted methods of citation and style manuals available. Please visit our Citing Sources page, available at http://library.vassar.edu/research/citingsources.html.