The Einstein Digital Library contains many features for search, display, and download that are useful to researchers.


Boolean operators - using AND, OR, and NOT to refine your search

The operator AND narrows your search by instructing the search engine to search only for records containing all the terms in your search. In basic searching, you do not have to type in the word AND; by default all terms entered into the search box become Boolean AND searches. However, you can adjust your search by doing an OR search (broadens the search to include records containing any or all of the terms) or a NOT search (narrows your search by excluding unwanted terms). You do not have to enter the Boolean operators in capitals. To search for an exact phrase put quotation marks around your search terms.

In advanced searching, the Boolean operators are available for your use in the drop-down menus.

Advanced Search

Perform an advanced search search by selecting "Search" on the left-hand menu on every page. You can combine fields as well as search in either German or English.

To search in a given field, select the relevant item in the drop-down menu. You can combine fields in your query.


When you have found the items you wish to read, use the TEXT button at the top of the reader to display a transcribed and translated (when available) version of the materials.

A view of the text button in the reader.

You can also click "Details" to view more information about the item, including description, copyright status, and other metadata. Choose "Pages" to list all pages in the item.

A view of the view-details-pages tab section in the reader.

Citing Sources

All items in Vassar's Albert Einstein Digital Collection contain permanent, "bookmarkable" URLs. You can use our URLs to cite your sources. For more information about citation, view the Terms of Use page on this website.


All items are available as PDF. Use the "Download PDF" link at the top left side of the screen to download your items. Note: the transcribed and translated information does not download, only the PDF.

Locate the PDF link to download item.